Quarrylab Residency, 2016.

Quarrylab is a residential model that allows a deeper engagement and exchange on several levels: personal; institutional; inter-generational (traditional & contemporary); cross disciplinary. It is a sharing of artistic worlds and development of practice, allowing all artists the chance to engage with and have an impact upon the space itself.

Artists may visit for two to four days initially, and may include walks and visits to specific sites, recording or working on the landscape, individually and collaboratively. There is the possibility of presentations, studio visits, discussions or meeting with other practitioners. It is a time to reflect and contemplate next steps, with no pressure to produce, yet the opportunity to do so.

Quarry is a not for profit organisation. No one pays to come to Quarry and there is no stipend. We believe in the concept of exchange of artistic expression.

Website link: http://quarrylab.org